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As technologists, we’re unsurprisingly passionate about technology; and as a marketer, you should be too. Why? Because over the course of ten years technology has revolutionised what it means to be a marketer, and transformed the ways in which you reach out to your clients’ target markets. Since we were established in 2007, we’ve been there – right alongside the unprecedented changes that have taken place. We’ve crafted software that has empowered marketers in their marketing workflows, direct mail, email marketing and social media efforts – all tracked, tested and intuitively analysable. We’ve coded and created systems of purpose - yet it’s not technology that defines our marketing systems nor that delivers our clients’ successes.

So just how do we do, what we do?

That’s a good question – and in the simplest sense the answer can be found not in our technological qualifications, nor in the specifications of our software, but in our ability to understand marketing processes and challenges in equal measure. It is this, alongside a deep level of consumer behaviour understanding that has delivered both our, and our clients’ successes.

That’s what we do, now you may want to know who we are

We are a team of developers. Yet we don’t talk in techno babble nor indulge in head spinning jargon. We speak in plain English and we deliver tangible results - such as passionate fans of products and committed repeat purchasers of services. We are software developers, with a passion for programming and a love for technology and all that it can deliver. But, and here’s the rub – we’re user friendly and seriously sociable geeks. For all that we know about the nuts and bolts that run under the hood of our powerful suite of software – we have an equal amount of knowhow on human behaviour and on the whys behind brand affinity and product attraction. We bring fresh ideas to the table, and put them into action through our essential partner that is technological innovation – it is in this way that our clients achieve boosted marketing response rates, and supercharged customer satisfaction.

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